The OA : the trailer of season 2 and the date are here !

The OA : la bande-annonce de la saison 2 et la date sont là !

One will find Prairie Johnson in only a month.

It was in December 2016. The OA was the effect of a bomb on Netflix. Two years and two months later, she finally makes her return to our screens. The us platform has just unveiled the official trailer of season 2 (below), which announces the date of the output :

This is the Friday, march 22 that The OA will resume his adventure delightfully disconcerting, where she had left it… well almost ! In this 3 minute video, we discover Prairie Johnson, who wakes up in the hospital, certainly after the shooting of the end of season 1. We are again in 2016, but obviously, in another year in 2016 ! Prairie has clearly changed dimension, and it even changed its name in the passage. Hap (Jason Isaacs) seemed to have “jumped” into the skin “of other versions of themselves”. It is thanks to the famous little dance ? Where are these dimensions ? How to get back ? And where is this story crazy ?

Response in a month, on Netflix.

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