The old lady after the death of the original said goodbye to loved ones: I have finally a very hot body

Старушка после смерти оригинально попрощалось с близкими: у меня наконец очень горячее тело

2 February in the canadian city of Hamilton died an elderly woman named Sibylle Marie Hicks. Her death could go unnoticed for mankind. However, after some time in the local newspaper published the obituary of her, he is not quite usual that made her famous.

Obituary-dead canadian woman has attracted the attention of users of social networks because of how unusual it was written. Moreover, the message was from first person, and not without phrases, who first laugh and then cry.

Старушка после смерти оригинально попрощалось с близкими: у меня наконец очень горячее тело

“I’m sorry to admit this… But I miss Ron Hickes from Baysville died. Next to me this time was my oldest daughter Brenda, and it happened at 8:20 in the morning.”

Yes, a woman wrote an obituary in the first person. Even the time she decided to specify. The highlights of her last letter did not end.

Told Sibylle about your life. She was a nurse, and then together with her husband ran the company bus, was well versed in horticulture. And now finally achieved what they wanted.

“I have finally a very hot body… because I was cremated”.

Husband woman called a “Horse’s Ass”, which can be translated as “the priest of the horse.” Also the lady admitted that children have suffered. And revealed the secret that her pet was the eldest son of Bob.

But everyone else Sibylle is also dedicated warm words.

“Brian, who liked the cookies “Oreo”, Brand or hazel, who fled to unclog the toilet as soon as we were declared guests, Barbara — miss perfect and little Bruce, who didn’t love to eat Turkey, because he was afraid of bones in it.”

Apparently, the family of the woman was big. She said she will miss 13 grandchildren.

Hicks invited everyone to his funeral, which will be not only her husband and friends, but also a kind of Dorothy, who now cares for her husband. Sibylle reports that the obituary he wrote for herself, and ends it very touching.

“Thank you for sharing with me this life. I’m going to swim out to the buoy and back.”

Users appreciated this message and was truly moved.

“What a beautiful obituary! We need more people wrote them in first person. I would like to be familiar with it”; “I laughed so hard, and then read the last line and almost cried”.

However, there was one moment which has caused numerous issues.

“And no one is troubled by the mention of Dorothy?”; “Yes, I too thought she was his girl told?”

But one user made a reasonable assumption.

“I think that Dorothy is their dog, and she’s just joking”.

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