The Order : what is the new fantasy series from Netflix ?

The Order : que vaut la nouvelle série fantastique de Netflix ?

“If The Order would probably find its audience, it is very unlikely that it will become the same kind of phenomenon as Sabrina or Umbrella Academy”.

Since a few days, the fans of Teen Wolf and other Sabrina had discovered it on Netflix a new series fantastico-magic for teens : The Order. The story of a young student who, determined to avenge the death of his mother, joined a secret society that plunges him into an all-out war between werewolves and wizards. Verdict ? The american press is not illusion on the target (very young) of the drama nicely gruesome, but concedes that all is not to throw away !

Den of Geek advises : “Stay in the area until The Order shows you what he is capable of. With great characters and multiple plots, convincing placed on the path of the protagonist, the series holds up and plays well his part.”

Ready, Steady, Cut tempers and explains that if “The Order will most likely find its audience it is very unlikely that it will become the same kind of phenomenon as Sabrina or the latest Umbrella Academy for teens. Because this is simply not as good. In spite of everything, some things are done well and it is a juvenile series entertaining intermittently…”

Heaven of Horror is not fooled and knows that “this is intended for a teen audience, which means that the plot and the style are aimed at this target demographic. Nothing new in this genre with The Order, who may be struggling to attract the interest of adult viewers (…) However, the production quality is certainly sufficient for everyone to give the show a chance.”

The Cock analyzes things differently and explains : “The first episode is seen as a drama of the supernatural fairly simplistic with a touch of black humour. The second episode starts to become a little more strange. And, from the third episode, the show turns into a real mix hilarious comedy with college and horror. Has the image of werewolves that figure prominently in its plot, The Order does not perform a processing smoothly, and it’s much more impressive once the transformation has taken place !”

Decide considers, finally, that “a lot of things work in this series. This is the story of a child of the working class that pervades the rich kids of the fraternity of the most secret, of a university and trying to overcome his excesses perverse of the interior. There is a good sense of humor, ( … ), but the small budget unfortunately place to scenes and CGI quite horrible, and other scenes that are obviously filmed in a certain way because the money was not there.”

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