The owner of Tesla checked the autopilot sports car on his own wife: “human target”

Владелец Tesla проверил автопилот спорткара на собственной жене: "живая мишень"

In recent years more and more disputes arise about the reliability of the systems of Autonomous control of a car in the first place, it concerns the most popular today autopilot in the Tesla. some car owners want to check for yourself.

Владелец Tesla проверил автопилот спорткара на собственной жене: "живая мишень"

One of the owners of Tesla decided to test the offline mode of the electric vehicle of its very drastic way. To test the system of automatic braking, the guy decided to use his wife as a “living target”. However, this test even took video, but it got deleted.

A girl went out on the road in front of the electric car, and the guy driving was checking to see if her autopilot, but kept the foot on the brake pedal and not accelerate faster than 40 km/h. of Course, negative comments about the video had plenty, but the driver said that his wife herself wanted to become as a “living target”.

Владелец Tesla проверил автопилот спорткара на собственной жене: "живая мишень"

As for the results of the tests, the autopilot does not “see” wife when she slowly walked or ran along the road, but noticed her and slowed down when she was standing in the middle of the road, and even next to the car. Apparently, the Mask need to work on the autopilot system so as to avoid dire consequences on the road.

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