The pensioner stole the hive of the street laying in Rostov

The woman got to shoot a surveillance camera.

In social networks gaining popularity, the video, which captured the odd pensioner walking to Rostov-on-don with his dog. Outdoor CCTV camera captured, as a citizen, making sure no one is around, calmly stole the Bush from the street walls. Probably the lady was prepared to the crime, as she came to a street flowerbed with the package. The pensioner went to the masonry, in which were planted a little Bush that she was able to carry with you.

The band began to actively discuss what they see, filling the comments under the recording of various conjectures and assumptions. While some people admired the clever operation is executed by the pensioner, others have described the act of women as invalid. Users agreed that such behavior was unacceptable, as Rostov beds will simply be empty if every individual citizen to take home any plants.