“The possessed girl” harshly lowered scandalous propagandist: “stop, comrade Colonel “

"Бесноватые девочки" жестко опустили скандального пропагандиста: "Задержите их, товарищ подполковник "

The network has published an epic story about how in Yekaterinburg put in place a well-known Russian propagandist, criticized the protests against the destruction of a Park in the city. Maxim Rumyantsev deserved got from angry citizens twice in one day.

About it on Twitter said the well-known Russian journalist Rustem Adagamov. As it became known, the incident occurred on April 7 during the campaign. During it, defenders of the Park in Yekaterinburg, where the government is trying to build another temple of the Russian Orthodox Church, local residents protested against the destruction of green spaces in the city.

“Orthodox” journalist Maxim Rumyantsev began to call the audience “obsessed” and “girls”. The answer came instantly,” – said the journalist, commenting on the impact from katerinburg in response to insults.

Users erupted sarcastic and angry comments: “the First dramatic role Galustyan”, “how important temple in Yekaterinburg Sochi’s Armenians, it’s just great!!”, “Why actors are harnessed for the temple? They are still impossible to read the burial service and buries it is necessary for the fence of the cemetery. Sneaking suspicion that they do not know what you believe”, “what the fuck the temple? There is a residential complex with fitness-center and Parking want to cram! Temple, side pripek”.

We will remind, “And where he shoves? Where?”: Lviv’s teacher is bullying children to death for gays.

In the Lviv school №93 children is oroku drive to Church to pray for a good education, and the teacher tells the students about the nuances of sexual relations of homosexuals. Response video appeared in the network.

According to the users of the network, a local teacher constantly tells the children, however, it’s to die for, if you visit the toilet right after the person who “professes” to be gay.

As reported “Znayu” under Kovel, Volyn region there was a fight between two school girls, 15 and 12 years old.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that the 19-year-old Nusrat Jahan Rafi was doused with kerosene and lit on the roof of the school.

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