The prequel of Kingsman will be a “historical drama”

Le préquel de Kingsman sera un "drame historique"

And Kingsman 3 will also be filmed next year.

The prequel of Kingsman will not be really an action movie/espionage, believed Collider. According to the website, the film from Matthew Vaughn is more like a ” historical drama ” in which we discover the behind the scenes of major events through the eyes of the agency Kingsman. Our fellow americans speak a variation on the theme of The Man who would be king. The shooting should start as early as January in London and the shoot will last approximately four and a half months (which is a lot).

Moreover, the real Kingsman 3 with Taron Egerton and Colin Firth will also be shot in 2019, after a short break from Matthew Vaughn. Remains to be seen what will be the scenario and, especially, how to end the feature-length film : a tv series is also in the pipes and something tells us that the two characters may well point the tip of their nose.