The Queen ridiculed for the bad picture: what is that Boniface’s holiday?

Королеву высмеяли за неудачный снимок: это что за каникулы Бонифация?

Ukrainian singer Natasha Koroleva, which informed the SBU has banned entry to Ukraine for 5 years shocked users of the network in their appearance, reports Glavred.

Королеву высмеяли за неудачный снимок: это что за каникулы Бонифация?

On his page on Instagram husband 45-year-old singer Tarzan published a picture near a huge vase of flowers. The singer appeared in a home: no make-up, striped overalls and glasses. Tarzan signed photograph: “Thumbelina and the Boy with her finger”.

Fans a ridiculous the outraged, and they criticized the Queen on it, by writing under the post a bunch of caustic comments: “It’s Natasha?“, “Natasha look so old“, “what Is that Boniface’s holiday?“, “The Queen as a bear“, “Cool course, but in this photo Natasha… life better she’s got a body chiseled, but here, somehow do not“.

Королеву высмеяли за неудачный снимок: это что за каникулы Бонифация?

We will remind, earlier it was noted that the scandalously famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova diligently publishes a lot of posts on his page in the social network, trying all possible ways to lure their fans that it manages with great difficulty. Ridiculous pictures and antics only upset her fans are the reason for many jokes. The same thing happened with the last pictures Volochkova, in which she is shown in the company of Russian showman Nikita Dzhigurda. This time on her page appeared in the controversial pictures, which Nastya and Nikita are sitting in front of the camera in an ambiguous position.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” Studio “Kvartal 95” in the new issue of net News was a joke about the recent statement of the musician Svyatoslav Vakarchuk on the plans to be the “reality” of political life in Ukraine. Valery Zhidkov ask a question: “the Leader of “Okean Elzy” again in his style – nothing is clear. In which it? With whom is he in? What is this business all about and what we care about this case?” Eugene Mishka immediately replied: “All clarifies his phrase from 2008, which he folded parliamentary mandate “I’m going, because politics is a dirty business. Here is what it says now Svyatoslav“.

Also “Znayu” wrote that well-known actor Ashton Kutcher tweeted his phone number and asked fans to write messages for him. The first time they did it, then everyone who wrote to Ashton, came the automatic response and click the link.

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