The researchers found racial disparities in use of oral anticoagulants

According to a new study, black patients with atrial fibrillation are significantly less likely to receive oral anticoagulants.

Исследователи выявили расовое неравенство в использовании пероральных антикоагулянтов

Anticoagulants — chemical substances and drugs that suppress the activity of blood coagulation and preventing blood clots.

Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh examined data registry Massachusetts General hospital. They examined data 11100 white, black and 646 671 Latin American patients with atrial fibrillation obtained in the period Feb 2013 to June 2016. The result has become known that black patients are 25% less likely to receive any oral anticoagulant drugs than whites or Hispanics.

As a possible explanation for differences in care of patients with atrial fibrillation, researchers have proposed many factors, including limited access to specialists, costs based on revenue, commitment to medicines and implicit bias against based on the color of the skin of the patient. However, scientists said that further studies are needed to identify and resolve these issues.