The roof of the hypermarket “Tape” is lit in St. Petersburg

Video massive fire appeared in the Network.

Кровля гипермаркета «Лента» горит в Санкт-Петербурге

Thousands of eyewitnesses reported in social networks about emergency situations in St. Petersburg, where he broke the roof of the hypermarket “Lenta” located on the bypass channel. Examining the extent of the fire, specialists of emergency services ranked the fire to the third rank of the complexity, confirming that at the moment is burning not less than 4800 squares of the roof. To the scene were sent to numerous outfits firefighters, and hundreds of concerned onlookers who came to look at the source of thick, black smoke began to shoot the events and put appropriate materials in the Network.

YouTube already has several videos showing that over the hypermarket still raging flames. Due to the danger of the rescuers had to withdraw hastily from the “feeds” more than 800 people and to use more than 10 units of specialized equipment. Eyewitnesses in social networks claim that black smoke is visible even at the distance of several kilometers from a burning building. At the moment, partially collapsed roof of the building is approximately 200 square meters. About victims of data is not received.