The Russians brutally taking out annoying neighbours, please be quiet

Россиянин жестоко поквитался с надоевшими соседями: пожалуйста, потише

The incident occurred on February 3 on pear street in the village of su-psekh between neighbors.

The camera shot between neighbors there was a conflict in which the accused opened fire from guns on the visitors.

The suspect of the murder of 53-year-old resident of Anapa States that made the remark to the neighbors as they are too loud listening to music. In which case a 60-year-old man, his son and their mutual friend, visited a neighbor taking with him a hammer.

Россиянин жестоко поквитался с надоевшими соседями: пожалуйста, потише

The footage shows how the 3 men approach the gate of a private house and then began hladnokrovnoe violence. After the shooting the man called ambulance and the police. But father and son died on the spot from gunshot wounds which were incompatible with life in the head and stomach.

The suspect was arrested with him investigative measures. A criminal case on the murder of two and more people. The police claimed that the accused had carried out shots from his hunting rifle.

In the case of a verdict of premeditated murder he faces 20 years behind bars.

The whole scene of the massacre was captured on surveillance camera.

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