The scandal surrounding the “Eurovision 2019” ridiculed by the caustic memes and fotosobak: instead MARUV go Poplawski

Around the national selection for Eurovision 2019 burst into an incredible scandal. Some participants denounced in the “cotton” position on the Crimea and Donbass, and some condemned for concerts in Russia. Then a bright winner MARUV refused to travel to tel Aviv, and after it rained and all the other participants. In the end, the Ukraine, and all in shame decided not to appear at the competition.

As always, users caustically ridiculed the scandal in the meme and totoaba.

Especially got a favorite “spocom rector” Mikhail Poplavsky, which, according to experts, would be the best candidate.

Users had other candidates.

Got a NOTE that, according to MARUV has set unacceptable conditions for it, which the singer had to refuse participation in the Eurovision song contest.

And, of course, went to members of the jury of the national selection.

We will remind, Russian artists began to actively support the singer MARUV. After Ivan Dorn, who himself collects the remains of reputation by Association in the Studio of Yuri Duda, joined, and Natasha Koroleva.

Earlier Znayu reported, one of the members of the jury of the national selection Eugene Filatov commented on the situation and recognized that in 2016 his band performed in the Russian Krasnodar.

Also Znayu wrote, well-known Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Romanenko told why Ukraine’s refusal to participate in the Eurovision song contest can be considered as a “plus” for the Treasury.

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