The scandal with the author of “the Witcher” by Sapkowski put out the money

Скандал с автором "Ведьмака" Сапковским потушили деньгами

If you remember, in October last year, the author of the series of novels “the Witcher” Andrzej Sapkowski was not very good side. Writer through lawyers demanded that the Studio CD Projekt, gave the world a wonderful series of role-playing games Geralt of Rivia, an additional approximately $16 million in royalties.

Скандал с автором "Ведьмака" Сапковским потушили деньгами

And this amount was on top of the payments, which he was assessed a few years earlier before the unfortunate incident. The company that produced the game was clearly outraged by the audacity of the writer, but still said that he wanted to settle the matter peacefully.

Any public statements as yet, but online the Polish Puls Biznesu, citing its own sources reported that the conflict is fully resolved. That is, the parties failed to reach agreement.

Скандал с автором "Ведьмака" Сапковским потушили деньгами

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed. But it is obvious that CD Projekt will pay Sapkowski certain amount. Of course, none of $ 16 million will not pay the author of the Witcher universe, but the amount was obviously a decent time Sapkowski agreed to these terms.

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