The science of lying: the Secret of nature “Devil’s Tower” from the United States revealed by the experts

Scientists have concealed from the world the existence of silicon life forms.

Наука лжёт: Секретную природу «Башни Дьявола» из США раскрыли эксперты

For years experts from around the world trying to explain the nature of the incredible formation called “Devil’s Tower”, located on the territory of the United States. This property attracts many enthusiasts from different countries who come just to see this wonder of the world. From this “tower” looks like an ordinary rock shaped like the stump of a felled tree. However, all this design is made up of thousands of hexagonal columns, perfectly adjusted to each other.

The experts were able to solve the mystery of “Devil’s Tower”, which, in their opinion, is an echo of the ancient world, when the Earth was dominated by silicon life forms. Scientists have noticed that in the slice under the microscope the stem of the flax plant is almost completely corresponds to the structure of the buildings, and the hexagons similar forms are used by bees to build honeycombs. This fact indicates that this “tower” in ancient times was a living organism, because nature is consciously creates his masterpieces using hexagonal structure, as this figure has the least perimeter among all figures of equal areas, allowing more efficient use of all available space in the tissue.

Наука лжёт: Секретную природу «Башни Дьявола» из США раскрыли эксперты

As absurd as may sound this assumption, there were other evidence to show that the “Devil’s Tower” – a prehistoric flint wood, which on the planet there was a great variety. Currently worldwide, there are thousands of similar structures, having in its structure a base of hexagonal columns. The experts found that the top layer of these columns in the “Tower of Devil”, as in other similar objects, due to contact with wind and moisture exfoliate, like the fascia, protecting the muscle fibers kind of case. This fact confirms that like any living organism, these trees were the life support system and tissue in its structure corresponds to those of the modern representatives of the plant world.

According to experts, many thousands of years ago the Earth was covered with silicon the trees, reaching a height of up to 60 kilometers, and an end to their reign on the planet put some kind of cataclysm, the blast which destroyed all remnants of these majestic hills. Managed to survive only the so-called stumps remaining on the surface of the Earth as a kind of rocks. Rather, science is lying about the nature of these obrazovanii, as scientists prefer to hide the secret nature of these “towers”, because to explain it is that they don’t.

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