The science of space can change: scientists made a surprising discovery

Наука о космосе может измениться: ученые сделали неожиданное открытие

A team of astronomers, working in an international team of astrophysicists claims that the milky Way – our galaxy – not like a flat disk. The material was published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Scientists say that the milky Way becomes more closer to its edges, and becomes similar to “accordion”.

The full form of our galaxy we can’t see because we are inside it. So based on scientists take the Andromeda galaxy, which is located in the neighborhood, and compare our galaxy with her. But unlike Andromeda, the milky Way is smaller. They have in common is that both are almost the same age and belong to the spiral type.

Thanks to new experiments that scientists had determined that our galaxy has an amazing shape. The edge wire braided inside, and it resembles a dent in a compressed spiral.

Наука о космосе может измениться: ученые сделали неожиданное открытие

To find out this was possible thanks to the stars that are near the galaxy.

Telescope WISE, who used in their work, astrophysicists, sent pictures to Earth. This made it possible to determine the exact distance and location of more than a thousand variable stars, and use this knowledge to make three-dimensional map of the sleeves of the milky Way. Scientists believe that the inner part of the disk pulls the outer edges, because of this, our galaxy has a bizarre shape of a spiral.

Discovery scientists can explain the strange behavior of the stars, which are located at the edges of the galaxy, and will also help to determine a more accurate age, location, etc.

We will remind, NASA has promised to protect the Earth from visitors from outer space. The us space Agency NASA has begun development of the protection of Earth from asteroid hazard. Apparently, the Agency believes that colonization of other planets, it is necessary to protect the Earth.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Curiosity sent a Selfie from Mars. The Rover has reached its final point and made a farewell self.

“Know.Eeyore” wrote in space there was a giant Gingerbread man. The mission of the probe that discovered the asteroid, is to deliver to Earth soil of the asteroid. The mission should end in 2020 and that can give science a new impetus to the development.

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