The scientists said that will help children avoid myopia

In recent years, myopia or nearsightedness has become a serious problem worldwide.

Ученые рассказали, что поможет детям избежать близорукости

According to forecasts, by 2050, short-sightedness will hit about 5 billion people. Now in China it assumed the character of a real epidemic over 90 % of young people suffer from poor eyesight. Many people tend to blame bad genes. But the scientists said that there are many factors that can affect genetic predisposition to myopia. Research ophthalmologists have shown that will help children avoid myopia. Experts insist on the fact that many people underestimate Hiking in the fresh air and open space. But it significantly reduces the risk of myopia.

Scientists recommend often to walk, to eyes could look into the distance and focus on objects at a distance. The possibility of myopia in children is especially actual in modern conditions, when the kids are a huge amount of time in the company of a computer or other gadgets. Usually this is due to stay in rooms where artificial lighting and screen flicker accelerate axial growth of the crystalline lens, which causes the development of myopia.

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