The scientists said what will replace plastic packaging

Experts insist on recycling plastic.

Учёные рассказали, к чему приведёт замена пластиковой упаковки

The specifics of modern production is that most touches the person, made of plastic or cellulose. Repeated calls to replace this type of package to another, less secure suggests that to do this you can use metal or glass. A group of academics from the University of Edinburgh argues that this change can bring much more harm to the environment. As a result, this will lead to double energy consumption and three times will increase the greenhouse effect.

The scientists said that a reliable alternative to the plastic packaging at the moment, so it is necessary to abandon the harmful practice to throw the material from harmful environmental components and learn to process it. Experts have called for a model of so-called circular economy where the packaging can be reused, which will devote its next study.