The series Vampires in privacy is a small wonder according to the US press

La série Vampires en toute intimité est une petite merveille selon la presse US

“What We Do In The Shadows is a real good surprise and a delight”.

Five years after the carton is unexpected of their film with fans of blood-sucking, Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement launch on 27 march (on the chain american FX) series Vampires in privacy, which will be held this time in New York and will follow the three housemates with long teeth, have been living together for centuries. At least as funny as the feature film original, according to the US press.

TVLine has seen a “comedy of vampire majestically ridiculous, that could be the new series the most funny of the year ! The first episodes of What We Do In The Shadow are chock full of unique characters and moments fabulous and ridiculous. I ended up watching the first episode three times… and I laugh every time.”

Forbes writes that “What We Do In The Shadows is a real good surprise and a delight (…) This series is a jewel surprising, coming from a chain that goes often too far in comedy.”

The Hollywood Reporter agrees, and finds the series “funny and inventive. The real success may lie in the astonishing freshness of the concept, episode after episode, which is not an easy thing.”

The Playlist confirms and talks about a series of”delightfully delicious co-existence, the rituals and customs of a banal vampires, delusional, absurd and twisted.

Slashfilm explains that What We Do In The Shadows “honors and recreates the magic of the faux-documentary original of Waititi and Clement, while doing a spin-off full. New house, new characters, but same sense of humor vampire !”

Collider believes that What We Do In The Shadows has “all the qualities to be another mockumentary awesome. He finds outright the tone of the movie, there emerges an incredible comedy of the encounter between the supernatural and the mundane, delivering valve on valve, really surprising with gags more dark.”

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