The Simpsons have removed the episode Michael Jackson of their catalog !

Les Simpson ont retiré l'épisode Michael Jackson de leur catalogue !

“This is our book and we have the right to remove a chapter.”

We are in 1991, and The Simpsons get a guest of luxury, one of the guest stars the most incredible in the history of the series : Michael Jackson comes to play a full-fledged character in the episode entitled “My friend Michael Jackson” (“Stark Raving Dad” in VO). The story : Homer is sent to a psychiatric facility. It binds friendship with a man who takes himself to Michael Jackson, while he is a mere mason of the New Jersey… An episode of cult, which inter alia contains a musical sequence “Happy Birthday Lisa”, sung by the King of Pop in person.

Except that today, the name of Michael Jackson is associated to a terrible scandal of pedophilia, since the release of the documentary disturbing to HBO, Leaving Neverland. America no longer knows if she can still look at the star as an icon. Then the producers of the Simpsons have made a radical decision : he withdrew from the circuit to broadcast the episode “My friend Michael Jackson”.

The producer, Jim Brooks explains in the Wall Street Journal : “I am systematically opposed to the burning of books, in any way whatsoever. But this is our book and we have the right to remove a chapter.”

You can only see on our screens and the special episode of Michael Jackson of Simpson.

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