The snow leopard escaped from a cage, shot dead at a British zoo

Rare animal had escaped because of an error of the employee, forgetting to close the cage.

Снежного барса, сбежавшего из клетки, застрелили в британском зоопарке

Snow leopard named Margaux (Margaash) was born in captivity and lived for 8 years at the zoo in Dudley, UK. However, on 23 November the fault of the employee, forgetting to cover the cage, the animal was able to get out. Attempts to return the predator in the cage was not a success, after which the management decided to shoot the leopard.

Death Margaux caused a wide resonance among animal advocates, who believe that there were other options. They believe that the British workers of the zoo had to use tranquilizers, not firearms in respect of the escaped predator. The defenders believe that people should abandon zoos, allowing them to live in the wild.

Representatives of the organization PETA noted that any animal in a cage uses the opportunity to escape. But in the case of zoos this leads to the death of an animal that is not their fault that you wanted at will.