The snow on the fields himself savinosa in “rolls”: the diabolical kind

Снег на полях сам завренулся в "роллы": дьявольщина какая-то

In the UK right in the middle of fields, local residents discovered an amazing natural phenomenon – snow rolls. This big snow “bagels”, which are formed as a result of strong gusts of wind and the force of gravity.

This is reported by British media.

Снег на полях сам завренулся в "роллы": дьявольщина какая-то

So, the inhabitant of Wiltshire, Brian Bayliss, found a strange snow rolls on their own field. He said at first he thought that these fancy designs blind some pranksters, but then noticed that the snow had no footprints.

Снег на полях сам завренулся в "роллы": дьявольщина какая-то

Like rolls of snow occur when snow covers the ice, but does not stick to it. The snow should be fluffy and loose, and the air temperature is just above zero. The wind must be strong enough to move the snow, but not too strong so the coils are not destroyed.

Снег на полях сам завренулся в "роллы": дьявольщина какая-то

Weatherman Ian Fergusson says that the weather conditions necessary for the occurrence of snow rolls is extremely rare. According to him, at successful coincidence of weather conditions the snow rolls appear mainly on steep hills or lakes. Snow rolls resemble bales of hay, large rolls or bagels.

It is worth Recalling that the popular forecasters seem rushed with frosty forecasts for February and Ukrainians, of course, can not but rejoice. The network has published a new forecast, which covers weather conditions in Ukraine over the next two weeks from 4 to 17 February, noted by the media.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in the coming days in Ukraine will be warm, precipitation can be expected. This was written on the page in Facebook forecaster Natalia Didenko. According to the forecast of meteorologists, the likely fallout will be to the West of the country, is projected to be snow with rain. The rest of the territory is warm and dry.

We will remind, the invaders took advantage of the weather and finally finished off the residents of Donbass.

As reported Znayu forecasters warned of a sharp change in the weather this week.

Also Znayu wrote, the forecast for the coming days: the element will cause a sudden blow.

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