The soloist of the group KAZKA tuning not only the voice: to cry have not help

Солистка группы KAZKA тюнингует не только голос: поплакать уже тут не поможет

The soloist of the group KAZKA – Alexander zaritska known that she is very bad given live performances. This she showed at the National selection of the Eurovision song contest and many concerts where fans can record the sound that is very different from the Studio recordings for the worse.

Солистка группы KAZKA тюнингует не только голос: поплакать уже тут не поможет

At this time, the Ukrainians decided to “pick up” from the bowels of the acclaimed clip for the song “Crying” which also received a lot of negative reviews. Although the song blew up all the charts. Observant viewers noted that Alexandra”floated hand” in the beginning of the clip. The corresponding video was published on his page in Instagram blogger Ivan Russell.

The soloist of KAZKA swam a little hand! WOW I also want to have such kind” – signed sarcastic post Ivan.

The blogger says that this happened because when installing the video production center has decided to slightly brighten up the fullness of Alexandra with the help of photoshop. As all looked at the face of Alexandra, no one noticed the “floating” hand.

In the comments immediately began to mark the Ukrainians: “Even here photoshop not sho on the notes”, “her arms are thin”, “she supposedly made herself thinner?”, “Actually not much”, “I think it becomes more,” “Someone zhirnenky in the frame was not good enough”, “I Have one now feel after watched the video that I’m so moving”, “Trash Content

Солистка группы KAZKA тюнингует не только голос: поплакать уже тут не поможет

It should be noted that production center Mamamusic before the National selection “cleaned out” the social network negating from the reviews in relation to Alexander, than there were different bloggers: brushed all of the videos, which were negative statements against the actress.

After the publication of such information the Ukrainians just made fun of the actress, which led to bad results of the voting in the semifinals of the National selection for Eurovision.

Recall that Melovin surprised by the image change: you’re still beautiful.

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