The star of “Bewitched” was tragically killed this series a whole generation

Звезда "Зачарованных" трагически погиб: на этом сериале выросло целое поколение

Died of cancer Steve Bean (real name Stephen levy).

Reports The Variety.

Звезда "Зачарованных" трагически погиб: на этом сериале выросло целое поколение

Steve the day he died was 58 years old. He died at his home in Los Angeles after a long battle with cancer of the nose.

The terrible diagnosis was delivered to the actor in 2016. After that, Steve Bing said about his struggle with a terrible disease in the essay “My year without a nose,” which was published in the journal MEL.

Steve Bing was born 27.04.1960 year in Massachusetts, USA. At the age of 20 he performed together with comedian Chris Zito and became popular among Boston audiences as a comedian. He then moved to Los Angeles and began writing for the famous Comedy show and to star in a movie.

Steve Bean has become known to fame through roles in such television series as “Charmed,” “Shameless,” “ray Donovan”, “Married with children”, “good luck Charlie” and “Dharma and Greg”. He also played roles in such films as “Mouse hunt,” “blast from the past” and “Visitors.”

We will remind, has Died, a close friend of Putin was trying to save citizenship

Baroness Irene de Dreyer died in France at 104-th year of life. Recall that the Baroness head of the Crimean and Donetsk thugs Vladimr Putin at the 100th anniversary gave citizenship of the Russian Federation.

This became known thanks to the message of her son Thomas.

As previously reported, “Znayu” At the funeral decl something strange happened: it became terrible to all

At the funeral of a Russian rapper Kirill Tolmatsky (decl), which took place in Moscow on Wednesday, February 6, there was an unpleasant incident.

As writes MK, the farewell ceremony for the actor was held in the ritual hall of the Central clinical hospital of the city. At one point, a microphone picked up an unknown young man, who promised to “take revenge for Cyril.”

Also “Znayu” wrote that well-Known propagandist of Putin suddenly died, had a special style

Russian journalist Yuri Kuchinsky passed away. It is known that the man worked for propaganda TV channel NTV.

This became known thanks to the message from the place of work of the correspondent.

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