The star of “father’s daughter” Daria Melnikova went to Israel before the birth

Darya Melnikova decided to relax in the birthplace of Jesus Christ before the advent of the second child into the world.

Звезда «Папиных дочек» Дарья Мельникова отправилась в Израиль накануне родов

The star of the movie “Daddy’s girls”, who became famous after performing the role Evgenia Vasnetsova, went with her husband Arthur by Smolyaninova and young son in Israel. There family celebrated the birthday of the heir and the Pope. Smolyaninovu 35 years old, and my son is only three years old. The heir Melnikova shows interest in artistic activities. Parents took into account the preferences of the boy and has temporarily rented an apartment with bare walls. The actors invited the child to paint an empty room, which the boy gladly did.

Звезда «Папиных дочек» Дарья Мельникова отправилась в Израиль накануне родов

During a trip to Israel. Melnikov and visited the desert. They have a lot of time been outdoors and seen the memorable places in the Eastern country. During the week the couple’s son to return to Russia. In Instagram star “Daddy’s daughters” had written that she liked Moscow. The actress believes that in order to experience positive emotions to the capital of Russia, you need to periodically leave it, at least in the short term.

According to doctors, the second child of Melnikovo and Smolyaninova needs to be born in mid-December. Very long known the couple never told anybody about the imminent addition to the family. These actors are generally the benchmark of stealth, when it comes to his personal life.

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