The star of “the Bachelor” brides seduces vivid way: this handsome Georgian

Звезда "Холостяка" соблазняет невест ярким образом: настоящий грузинский красавчик

Irakli Makatsaria

Known in Ukraine 31-year-old businessman from Georgia, Irakli Makatsaria, who was the hero of the sixth season of “the Bachelor” and sought after in our country the bride is actively engaged in Instagram and are often pleases fans with new photo. This time the owner of the production company Mag Entertainment has boasted to fans that he is preparing to shoot their own film.

On his page in the social network Irakli Makatsaria published the mysterious photo, which poses in a bright manner. So, the Georgian bachelor who appeared on the overview of the audience in a stylish yellow jacket with a fur hood and pockets. Irakli stands on a snow covered roof with views of the Park. He looks thoughtfully into the distance, leaning on the railing.

In the caption, the artist asks the fans what movies they like. “In anticipation of our work on their own film in the genre of romantic Comedy, I’m curious to know what movies of this genre do you like and why?” – wrote Makatsaria. Fans of the Georgian bachelor who did not remain indifferent and began to actively discuss the new publication of Irakli. Some said stylish bachelor lifestyle and his sexy stubble and the other started to talk about their favorite films.

“Super romantic Comedy genre, the main thing to be funny”, “cool Jacket”, “Irakli, you go yellow”, “you Know, I really like romance, and if a Comedy, the General class, In our difficult time, good quality romantic Comedy is not enough”, “Handsome”, “Sexy stubble”, “Well, just the sun, some in the dark of the day”, “Steep down”, “You are so bright, Irakli”, “Jacket class” “The real Georgian wedding”, “how can you be so beautiful”, “You are a very charming man, a talented, attentive, gallant,” write in the comments to the photo.

Recall, the star of “the Bachelor” threw Ukrainian beauties and went to the Mecca of all workers.

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