The star of the new season of “the Bachelor,” called the reason for his divorce: girls, think

Звезда нового сезона "Холостяка" назвал причину своего развода: девушки, задумайтесь

the star of the reality show “the Bachelor” Nikita Dobrynin

The main character of the ninth season of the reality show “the Bachelor.” Nikita Dobrynin gave his first interview. New Bachelor explained why he decided to participate in the project, and shared his revelations about the last marriage.

March 8, at the Ukrainian TV started the ninth season of the Dating show “the Bachelor.” On the website STB has already appeared the first reviews of Nikita Dobrynin about why he came to reality and what girls he likes.

“The first thing I usually notice is the smile and eyes. In her mood. Girls I really appreciate the sense of humor. It shows what she was thinking. Strangely enough, for me important the girl appetite. I love it when girls eat and not ashamed of it, and not tell that they eat dandelions and drink the water,” said Nikita.

Звезда нового сезона "Холостяка" назвал причину своего развода: девушки, задумайтесь

Become a Bachelor Nikita Dobrynin wanted, because in his personal life, unlike a career, was not able to achieve success. Two years ago, he divorced his wife. Their marriage lasted four years. Since now 30 years old, respectively, Nikita married early – at 24.

Obviously, that age was the cause of the disorder relations. The bachelor said that his wife did not share his view on career development.

Звезда нового сезона "Холостяка" назвал причину своего развода: девушки, задумайтесь

“Our separation was a mutual desire, we just realized that we are moving in different tempos, we had fundamental differences in views on my profession, in understanding where we continue to grow. The decisive moment for me was the comfort of a relationship. Disappears when trust is lost and feelings. We tried to make it work. One day, I spontaneously suggested to go together away from the relatives and friends, who supposedly know how to live. And we did, went to Paris to try to start all over again or at least stay friends. But this trip did not give the desired result. Today we can safely talk, to communicate, but the old feelings will not return”, – said Nikita.

Recall that the permanent host of the show “the Bachelor” Gregory Reshetnik told what to expect from reality TV in the new season.

As reported by the portal Znayu, eks-the participant “the Bachelor” ended up in the hospital.

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