“The storm saved from disaster!”: Alien UFO exploded by lightning – UFO

Ufologists from the UK reported that the unusual V-shaped UFO recently appeared on the territory of the country.

«Гроза спасла от беды!»: Инопланетный НЛО взорвался от удара молнии – уфологи

It became known that the British noticed the V-neck on 22 November, when went outside to capture on video the incredible thunderstorm with big lightning. However, eyewitnesses did not expect that with lightning can shoot and space the UFO, which at that time was in the sky. The authors of the video said that in just a few seconds alien UFO exploded from a lightning strike.

“Perhaps the storm was saved from disaster because we may not know about the intentions of the aliens”, – commented the British ufologists. It should be noted that recently in America in Ohio lightning storm also hit the flying saucer.