The story that changed everything: the baby was born 2 months after his mother’s death

История, перевернувшая все: малыш появился на свет спустя 2 месяца после смерти матери

In Portugal, there was a tragic, yet wonderful and unique case. The dead woman, being on the ventilator and had a child. A girl named Catarina Sequeira, she was 26 years old, writes The Sun.

19 weeks pregnant Katarina died from a severe asthma attack. She became ill, she was hospitalized, but the condition worsened. The patient was put into an artificial coma. On 26 December the doctors admitted that nothing can be done – Katherine is dead.

История, перевернувшая все: малыш появился на свет спустя 2 месяца после смерти матери

But life in her body, despite the brain-dead, still supported by machines for the baby that was developing in her womb. Thus he could be born.

On the 32 th week of the situation. Doctors were forced to carry out a caesarean section. After a few hours it was disconnected from the apparatus that maintain vital functions.

Boy Salvador was born weighing 1.7 kg. This is the first child born from the womb of dead mother in the hospital. The child’s father promised to take care of newborn baby.

According to doctors, the boy has some health problems related to his particular stay in the womb. However, in General it corresponds to the parameters of their premature baby weeks.

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