The threat of “catching” schizophrenia is directly linked with date of birth

Scientists from Denmark and Australia revealed the facts about the possibility of getting schizophrenia, which is associated with month of birth.

Угроза «подцепить» шизофрению напрямую связана с датой рождения

The purpose of her research was to discover the true causes of this disease in humans. The scientists had to explore three thousand patients with schizophrenia. It turned out that people born in the month of least sunlight and heat have a huge percentage of Contracting a mental disorder.Children who were born and grew up with an acute shortage of vitamin D in danger of becoming mentally ill 44% more than those who grew up in the normal absorption of sunlight. “This is quite a serious ailment, so we have to work every lead as thoroughly as possible, even if some of them may seem implausible or unusual” – said the leader of the scientists of the research group, John McGrath.This version has advanced and Russian medicine. Analytics is that the people of Altai, Chukotka and Nenets Autonomous district has a high percentage of suffering from this disease and all because of the lack of sun.