The U.S. military “missed and disgraced” on the teachings from dropping armored car

The incident was recorded in North Carolina, because at the moment in the U.S. press there is a lot of information about it.

Военные США «промазали и опозорились» на учениях со сбрасыванием броневика


The us military got into a very embarrassing situation, “fluff and disgraced” on maneuvers with an armored car. With military transport aircraft C-17 was planned to throw armored vehicles “Hangi”. Reported to the chief representative of the US special operations and airborne assignments.

Военные США «промазали и опозорились» на учениях со сбрасыванием броневика


According to him, in North Carolina on maneuvers with the release of armored military conducted comprehensive tests of the new heavy platform, on which there was a descent of the car.

Vehicle had to land at Fort Bragg. To a drop zone, however, there were still a mile, and the platform Humvee went out early for a minute, and therefore landed in the countryside.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. No object of private property has not received serious damages. It worked so, as planned, only with the exception that the platform was released earlier, “said McCollum.

He noted that he did not know why the reset occurred before. On this fact initiated the investigation. It should be added that a similar incident was also recorded during the exercise, the 173rd airborne brigade of the United States on the basis of Hohenfels with a landing platform fell and broke three armored vehicles “Hangi”. Responsible for the incident recognized Sergeant John Skipper.

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