The Ukrainians have developed a unique program to check for plagiarism: students will have a hard time

Украинцы разработали уникальную программу для проверки на плагиат: студентам придется несладко

As reported by the media, “anti-Plagiarism” has concluded the contract with the National University of life and environmental Sciences of Ukraine (Nulesu), National University “Lvivska Politechnica” (NU “LP”) and Lviv commercial Academy.

Under the terms of the cooperation agreement, higher education institutions have received free access to the software and are now working on testing its quality. They can check the originality of student work, comparing them with other from the Internet and internal database of the University.

Украинцы разработали уникальную программу для проверки на плагиат: студентам придется несладко

The software immediately shows the percentages of the uniqueness and similarities, links to web resources, and history checks.

The team “anti-Plagiarism” made algorithms that are able to recognize quotes from different styles, to find rephrasing, replacement of characters, synonyms, and so on.

Text matching – not always plagiarism. Teachers will consider each case and make the decision individually.

The words of the team “anti-Plagiarism”, the working group was set up two years ago. Then did the idea of the project. Programmer Egor Melnikov (now chief engineer) began work on the idea, which was the essence of the project. The development was carried out continuously, the first prototype was presented in the summer of 2014..

The project works thanks to the attachment means of a private Western investor, who asked not to disclose the highlighted “anti-Plagiarism” amount.

In the work on the project employed 10 people from around the world. The project is also popular in the Western market. They have two areas – b2b (universities and colleges) and b2c (students).

In addition to students and teachers, “anti-Plagiarism” will be useful to journalists, web developers, writers and for those who particularly follows the uniqueness of the text. In the future, the team service plans to connect the grammar checker, to add a function to edit online, will develop a system of assessment.

Also, “Plagiarism” is working on a number of free educational projects, such as integration with Google Books and the collaboration with the University of People. One of the goals of the project is the creation of a nationwide database of works of students for a free inspection. It can be used by all training institutions in the country.

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