The “unlikely” Tour de Beauce in 2020

The figure 35 will not have been lucky for the organizers of the Tour de Beauce which was to be presented from June 17 to 21. The UCI America Tour level 2.2 event, which celebrated its 35th anniversary this year, has been postponed due to the COVOD-19 crisis raging around the world.
“When we made our decision [at the end of March], we had already been working on the file for a few weeks,” said Francis Rancourt, director general of the Corporation du Grand Prix cycliste de Beauce. “As we are an international competition, we welcome runners from all over the world, athletes who need a visa to come to Canada. Their arrival here must therefore be prepared well in advance.

“Even if activities resumed and international travel started again in May, the runners would not have enough time to have their visa. And we don’t even know if the teams will be able to be structured in time. In this context, the Tour de Beauce was not possible in June. ”

Even if all the obstacles in the presentation of the 35 th Tour in June had been removed, the CEO indicated that he was not sure of the quality of the show that would have been offered. The vast majority of runners being confined to the house, they cannot ride and train as they usually do. Because even if cyclists keep in shape by rolling on rollers, this training has nothing to do with regular training. Runners don’t just have to roll to keep their legs, they have to do it in all kinds of conditions and in groups, to recreate the atmosphere they experience during a race.

Rancourt explained that his organizing committee had to make a decision as soon as possible. The presentation of the Tour de Beauce requires the establishment of significant logistics in collaboration with partners such as cities and municipalities, who must plan to close streets and roads during events held on their territory, and private companies.

“Even if activities resumed and international travel started again in May, the runners would not have enough time to have their visa. And we don’t even know if the teams will be able to be structured in time ”
– Francis Rancourt, director general of the Grand Prix cycliste de Beauce Corporation

“For the moment, the Tour de Beauce has not been canceled. It is postponed. We are still hoping to find a date to hold the event. It could be in September, just before the Quebec and Montreal Grands Prix. But it’s still complicated on the international calendar. The World Tour has priority. It is also necessary that our partners can offer us availability on these new dates. Finally, there must still be teams at that time.

“We therefore have a slight hope of presenting the Tour de Beauce. But realistically, it’s unlikely that we can deliver a 2020 edition of the event. Changing the date for an international event to be held is practically impossible. ”

$ 2.8 million in spinoffs

Twenty countries, or more than 150 competitors in addition to the staff of the various teams, were to participate in the 35 th Tour de Beauce. And even if the partners and sponsors understood the reasons for postponing the competition, some welcomed the decision with disappointment, their financial losses being very great. The Georgeville, for example, sold out during the Tour de Beauce.

“Le Tour is a spinoff of $ 2.5 million. Since we have committed sums, there is a small part of the sum that will go back to the local economy. But most of this money will not be. For sure.”

For the moment, the postponement of the Tour de Beauce has no impact on the presentation of the Canadian Road Cycling Championships scheduled in Beauce starting on June 25. “We dare to hope that by then, activity will resume and that it will be possible to travel to Canada. I think it is realistic to think that the nationals will take place as planned. At worst, we can present the championships at a later date.

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