The usual “chip-seed”: a new way of stealing Land Cruiser 200 expert said

Autoblogger spoke about the recent failed attempt of cyber criminals to steal Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and shared his thoughts about additional protective systems for SUV.

Обычный «чип-семечка»: О новом способе угона Land Cruiser 200 рассказал эксперт

On the background of the recent increase in Russia of cases of stealing of expensive cars, information on how once again to secure my car, will always be in place. “Kruzak”, which told the blogger, was equipped with copyright protection from theft in 2014, however, the current attempt by thieves to get in was only the first in 4 years. Avtoekspert dismantled the algorithm of actions of the hijackers and told about the most popular ways to steal a Japanese SUV.

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Обычный «чип-семечка»: О новом способе угона Land Cruiser 200 рассказал эксперт

“It would be better GAZelle left!”: On the failure of the motor UAZ “Pro” to 13 000 km was told by the owner

In the hands of the blogger got domestic van UAZ “Pro” a serious breakdown. Nizhny Novgorod dealer refused to repair the vehicle under warranty because the owner of the car and asked the expert.

So, there are four main strategies: retransmission of the signal of the FOB keys, emulation key using “samodelki” device in the phone Nokia, work with the unit of certification of keys, and finally replacing the main electronics module. In the case of the Land Cruiser is most often used the first method which, upon detection of a failure of a relay signal, leads to attempts of hijackers to break the rear window and get inside the car.

In the case of this “Kruzak” was the place to be this mechanical effect on the machine: autocannon carefully cut out the right rear window and forced him into a chair, then was used the aforementioned “jamming” – the alarm signal is received on your smartphone with a considerable delay. After careful inspection, the expert found that the thieves used a new method of theft – they were trying to emulate the key of the SUV by migrating the data from old keys Toyota LC 200 on a special chip-the”seed”, which is usually produced at a service station.

Обычный «чип-семечка»: О новом способе угона Land Cruiser 200 рассказал эксперт

“You can never exclude the possibility of the preparation of the theft at the service station using conventional “chip-seeds” because the security systems that you install, you need to choose such, which takes into account not only the protection of the native system, but also additional locks, hood locks and other attributes,” the expert concluded its review, recommending that car owners carefully consider the choice of places of service.

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