The VR-system has learned to walk for you

Chair of the virtual reality of new generation presented at the annual conference on computer graphics SIGGRAPH Asia in 2018.

VR-система научилась ходить за пользователя


The interesting development was presented by the engineers from Japan. Oriental experts made a VR system that is a chair with axes. Thanks to this device, users can perceive virtual information not only through visual and auditory analyzers, but thanks to the sense of movement. Modern VR system learned to walk for the user and now users can fully immerse yourself in a nonexistent world and experience it more fully than in the past. Chair of virtual reality was created by the University of Toyohashi. The device moves along three axes, simulating walking. The device is composed of special holders that move the hands and feet of the user.

It is worth noting that set a new world record for time spent in virtual reality. It managed to make the Aussie Jack McNee. He stayed in the virtual world, entertaining yourself by drawing the characters from the cartoons.