The Walking Dead : even Chandler Riggs admits to having been “no one” by Carl !

The Walking Dead : même Chandler Riggs avoue avoir été "nul" en Carl !

“It is obvious today, when I recall my previous poor performance”.

This is what is called an exercise of contrition, to say the least amazing. Often titled by the fans of The Walking Deadactor Chandler Riggs has now left the show for good. And it is an evil for a well, according to him. Because the young boy confesses himself to have often missed out its benefits for a variety of reasons :

“I rematé TWD over the last two months and I agree, lol”, lance Riggs with a lot of hindsight, in a post to Reddit, wrote last November and taken over by “I think I was decent during the first few years, but I became lazy when I would have had to bring in the writers to give me more material.”

Riggs goes further and explains that “for seasons 4 to 7 (and part of season 8), the school has been my main goal. I put a lot more effort in my education and in my profession. It is obvious today, when I recall my previous poor performance”.

A new spin-off of The Walking Dead in the pipes

The young actor said to have “worked extremely hard on his performance for his final episodes as Carl, to leave a strong legacy. I think that my performances have become more powerful and much more profound. I am super proud of what I did at the end.”

Despite this, he believes that the series should have been recaster Carl, instead of the kill : “With the benefit of hindsight and in the best interest of the series, I really feel that if I hadn’t been killed, things would not have improved my side, and The Walking Dead might be better racaster Carl. Attention, I loved to play that Carl and it would have been really awesome to play all of these stories (the Whisperers). But I would have juggled between the university and the series and my performance would suffer, as was the case when I was in high school. Yes, I have been void of important moments, but I’m a good actor now, I promise you, “concludes Riggs, at the end of this mea culpa rare in television.

Recall that Riggs has found work since then, in the hit series from ABC, A Million Little Things.

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