The Walking Dead : Maggie’s back in films and spin-offs ?

The Walking Dead : Maggie de retour dans des films spin-offs ?

“Discussions” have taken place.

Lauren Cohan has left The Walking Dead after the fifth episode of season 9. Her character, Maggie, has decided to no longer live in Hilltop and follow the mysterious Georgia. Since then, fans wonder if Maggie will one day return in the series, Cohan has signed on for a new show on another channel, Whiskey Rider. When asked by the american press about potential movies and spin-offs, in the same way that Andrew Lincoln will be in the near future, the actress replied that he “ might have been some discussions. But it is at the very beginning, everything is ambiguous. Well, we’ll see

In addition, Lauren Cohan provides no “not even thinking ” of an end for her character. “Really “. It was a little hard to believe.

In the meantime, the second part of the season 9 of The Walking Dead will be available from 10 February in the United States, and the next day in France on OCS.

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