The Walking Dead, season 9 : Daryl and Judith share a moment so cute in episode 14

The Walking Dead, saison 9 : Daryl et Judith partagent un moment trop mignon dans l'épisode 14

In this excerpt of the next episode, the biker will make his return to Alexandria.

No one had ever seen together in the same scene. Daryl and Judith are going to share a small moment too cute, in the rest of the season 9 of The Walking Dead, as reveals this excerpt from episode 14 (below), posted online by AMC.

Then he flees from the Whisperers with Connie, Lydia and Henry, the biker will find refuge in Alexandria. The opportunity for him to find the daughter’s best friend disappeared and discuss a bit of the future…

It will be up to see you next Sunday, in the wake of the season 9 of The Walking Dead.

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