The Walking Dead, season 9 : Maggie Vs. Michonne in this excerpt from episode 5

The Walking Dead, saison 9 : Maggie Vs. Michonne dans cet extrait de l'épisode 5

The widow Rhee is more upset than ever.

We have rarely seen Maggie as angry. The owner of Hilltop has made its decision, it is going to kill Negan, that it pleases or not, Rick, as you can see in this excerpt of the next episode 5 of season 9 of The Walking Dead (below). Attention spoilers !

Jump that on arriving at Alexandria, it will fall on Michonne, who’s not going to let it go. She is hoping to convince Maggie to make a u-turn. But the widow Rhee seems determined to go after and to seek justice for Glenn…

The season 9 of the Walking Dead will continue Sunday night on AMC, and in France on OCS.

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