The Walking Dead : (spoiler) could still reappear in the rest of the season 9

The Walking Dead : (spoiler) pourrait encore réapparaître dans la suite de la saison 9

“We’ll see maybe what happened with him during the time jump”.

You know, sometimes, in The Walking Dead, the dead reappear. Ask Sonequa Martin-Green or Jon Bernthal, revenues for the departure of Rick. Attention spoilers !

Then the last one disappeared in date will not be may not be completely absent from the suite. Although Jesus is definitely dead in the present, the actor Tom Payne suggests that the leader of Hilltop might reappear in flashbacks, in the rest of the season 9 :

“He will not come back anytime soon. But there was a time jump of six years between episode 5 and episode 6. Gift maybe we’ll see what happened with Jesus during these six years…”, confides the actor in the show Good Day LA, before saying : “so far, at this point of the story, it’s just death !”

The hearings of the season 9 of the Walking Dead collapse again and always

This opportunity to come back in the past has also been referred to by the showrunner, Angela Kang, in EW : “If the story of Jesus in the series is complete, this is not necessarily the last time we will see. Because we had a time jump of six years…”

Knowing that The Walking Dead goes very clearly to press back, to tell the story of the scars in the shape of a cross, in the back of Michonne and Daryl, and what has caused the removal of Alexandria from other communities, there is a large chance that it recrosses Jesus in these flashbacks.

In the meantime, season 9 of The Walking Dead will continue Sunday night on AMC, and in France on OCS.

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