The Western media has analyzed the actions of Putin

To understand the actions of Putin and his team, the New York Times suggested that to abstract from the generally accepted myths.

Западные СМИ провели анализ действий Путина

In the New York Times published an article in which he analysed the policy of the leader: “Vladimir Putin came to power in 2000, and since then, the regime in Russia were interpreted in two ways. The first is that Russia is ruled by mafia, which seeks to Rob the country. In the second option refers to the fact that the President is a hostage of his own popularity and all that is happening in Russia and beyond, is done for the sake of its rating”.

But if Russian elite would be really just a mafia state, it has never triggered a development, which would prevent Western investment.

The article mentioned about the actual problems of the Russians: “One of the main goals of the annexation of Crimea was to increase the ratings of the President. But that’s not all he cares about: in July, the Russian Parliament voted to raise the retirement age, triggering a wave of discontent. Surveys have shown that up to 90 percent of Russians were against were street protests. It’s not the only time the government took reform”.

Despite the dynamics, in Russia the retirement age is still lower than in most European countries. The government is considering the low level of retirement age as an obstacle for the national economy and, therefore, intends to reform it, even if the majority of Russians are against it.