The whole country rebelled against the government: hundreds of thousands took to the streets, the situation is heating up

Целая страна восстала против правительства: сотни тысяч вышли на улицы, ситуация накаляется

In the Italian capital, hundreds of thousands of people at the call of trade unions came out to protest against the economic policy of the government. Protesters filled the Central streets of Rome.

This became known thanks to the publication of DW.

According to journalists, the demonstrators under the slogan “Future of work” called upon the government to provide better public and private investments, fundamental reform of the economy and create new jobs.

Целая страна восстала против правительства: сотни тысяч вышли на улицы, ситуация накаляется

The reporters said that this is the largest such demonstration in Italy in the last four years. The unions accuse the Italian government too little investment to support the economy.

In addition, measures are planned pension reform they considered to be insufficient. Also trade unions are convinced that the introduction of a basic income helps to fight poverty and unemployment in the country.

It will be recalled that on Saturday, February 9, in Paris (France) during the 13th anti-government protest movement “yellow jackets” the police used tear gas against protesters. It is noted that near the Champs elysées in Paris between protesters and police clashes began. In order to disperse the demonstrators, the police used gas. According to the police, during the brawl, they arrested 10 of the protesters. Two detainees were wounded. One of the victims lost an arm trying to throw a grenade at police.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Kharkiv the protesters pelted the building of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation containers with green paint and eggs, as reported UNN, referring to messages of users of social networks.

As it became known, in Kharkiv, about a hundred people took part in the rally under the walls of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation. Young people rallied against Russian aggression, while during the event under the Windows unfurled banners with the inscription: “Invaders, go home.”

Recall, the Ukrainian prisoners were deprived of the most important, and this is not freedom and honor.

As reported Znayu, Zelensky almost got beaten up in Lviv, the performance of block 95 tear: “a Clown, paid by oligarchs.”

Also Znayu wrote, long lines at checkpoints “DNR” escalated into protests, the militants fled.

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