The wife of Prince Charles sharply put Meghan Markle: you’re not the actress who plays the role of

Жена принца Чарльза резко поставила Меган Маркл на место: ты не актриса, которая играет роль

The British Royal family can not repair the wife of Prince Harry Meghan Markle. So it became known that the wife of Prince Charles Camilla announced a boycott of the Duchess of Sussex.

This was announced by the insiders edition Radar Online.

It is known that the 71-year-old Duchess Chornoliska almost never speaks with 37-year-old Megan. It refers to Markle hostilely.

This is real life, and you’re not the actress who plays the role, “said one wife of Prince Charles, his daughter-in-law.

Meghan Markle also gets along poorly with Kempinskiy Duchess Kate Middleton. However, the tension between them does not go to any comparison with open contempt for Camille. Megan still tried to rectify the situation and to establish a relationship with Camilla.

Megan tried everything to Camille became softer, but nothing worked. She wants to get close to her, but does not allow“, – says the source.

Prince Harry advised my wife not to take to heart the position of their relatives. In the end, William and Harry are not very close with the Duchess of Cornwall. And Harry told Megan that she wasn’t worried about that, and Meghan Markle just need to forget about it. Opinion Camilla is not important for them.

Earlier it was reported that the entourage of the Queen of great Britain hate Meghan Markle who is suffering from depression because of a quarrel and the Royal rules, and supposedly want to get rid of it. Megan allegedly offered approved Elizabeth divorce agreement for $ 37 million, as well as the title for her unborn child – but not for herself. Former actress need to return to the United States, and the child will be brought up in the UK.

Recall that the Duchess of Sussexite decided to please fans of the black skirt with a sexy slit, despite the fact that it is in position.

Also “ Agency” reported that the British capital has returned the Duchess of Cambridge Kate and immediately made several visits to the London school.

As reported by “Know.ia”, Meghan Markle told the bitter truth near to her husband: if you love, you better leave me alone.

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