The winner of Eurovision-2018 showed lush charms and hot girlfriends: impossible to put down

Победительница Евровидения-2018 показала пышные прелести и горячих подружек: невозможно оторваться

Shocking winner of the contest “Eurovision-2018” Netta Barzilai has found a new way to surprise fans. On his page on Instagram, the Israeli singer posted a candid shot in a bright swimsuit. Outdoor outfit with a deep neckline showed curvy shape of Netty, but left to the fans to the imagination.

It should be noted that in this form Barzilai came to fashion Week in tel Aviv, calling his appearance a splash. From showing Netta made a show of a dance with two models right on the runway.

Under the publication, the singer admitted that he wanted to turn into a juicy banana. By the way, a lush beauty is not complex about her figure, and on the page in Instagram often shares her photos in revealing outfits.

Earlier it was reported that the winner of the Eurovision song contest 2018 Israeli singer Netta Barzilai showed filmed in Kiev clip.

The picture is filmed, for the most part, in shades of pink. In the beginning of the clip shows the wedding, which escapes the bridegroom Netty. She chases him all over Kiev in the image of a pink Rhino. In addition to the Darnytsa bridge, which is so fond of foreign stars, the footage flickers library of V. I. Vernadsky and one of the areas of the capital.

The song is called Bassa Sababa, which translates from Hebrew roughly as “Oh shit, everything is OK”.

Recall the slogan of the Eurovision-2019 dedicated to the controversial winner.

Earlier Znayu reported, the controversial winner of the national selection for Eurovision-2019 MARUV presented to the public his second alter ego — Shlakoblochina.

Also Znayu wrote, the soloist of group Alexander zaritska KAZKA said, why could not win the national selection for Eurovision 2019. The singer reacted to a barrage of criticism at her and admitted that now much more time on singing lessons.

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