The winner of the X factor became the star of “Twilight”: shocking changes

Победитель Х-фактора стал звездой "Сумерек": шокирующие изменения

Five years ago 15-year-old boy from the heartland Alexander Porazinski not even dreamed to become famous to all Ukraine, but when I went on the show and won the competition, his life has changed incredibly, writes Politeka.

In spite of his far stage appearance, he won the hearts of millions of his openness, charm and simplicity and won a major vocal competition in the country. Despite the fact that after all this time, he Sasha still doesn’t believe that all of Ukraine supported it. During these five years he has changed very much. Here’s what it looked like before:

Победитель Х-фактора стал звездой "Сумерек": шокирующие изменения

The fans have already compare him with Taylor Lautner — Jacob black in “Twilight.” How justified is this, judge for yourself, but the fact remains.

Победитель Х-фактора стал звездой "Сумерек": шокирующие изменения

Porazinski graduated from high school, he entered the Academy of culture in Kharkov. Concerts the singer has traveled almost the whole Ukraine. Don’t forget Sasha record and new songs in recording studios.

Победитель Х-фактора стал звездой "Сумерек": шокирующие изменения

In addition, he decided to change outwardly, as it believes that looks for an artist in the first place. The singer played sports. Now three times a week he goes to the gym.

Победитель Х-фактора стал звездой "Сумерек": шокирующие изменения

It is worth noting, every morning for almost an hour, the artist walks in the fresh air. He is already on a proper diet. Alexander could not bring himself to exclude from their diet all sweet and delicious. Now the progress is obvious. On the show a guy came in with a weight of one hundred and fifty pounds. Hard training and will power could not pass unnoticed.

Porazinski now looks at the “best!” and motivates others to follow him and not be afraid of change.

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