The witch said he is waiting for Ani Lorak in the future: She will have to protect your home

Ведьма рассказала, что ждет Ани Лорак в будущем: Ей придется защищать свой дом

A few days ago Znayu wrote about who will be the next husband of the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak. Because now it has become one of the most enviable brides in Ukraine and Russia. Most likely the future husband of the star will be out of the country-aggressor, since that is where she lived the last few years. We decided to ask a famous soothsayer and clairvoyant Lana Yar, what is going on in the soul of Ani Lorak, and what surprises are waiting for her future man.

Ведьма рассказала, что ждет Ани Лорак в будущем: Ей придется защищать свой дом

Lana Yar can look into the soul of a man

A past that left a mark

In the past, Ani Lorak made a mistake, stopped to consider the feelings of the people around her, and this created some conflicts. As a result, a complete and abrupt cleansing of life old.

As the singer sees herself?

She feels life’s decline, understands that this condition leads to lost opportunities. The weak side of Carolina is not able to fully let go of the past, put it on point, but the cuts say that the singer is working on it. Its strong side is the ability to see the truth, not to hide from themselves and others their state, is a clear established connection with a higher power, a sense of their capabilities.

The atmosphere in which Carolina now?

She is trying to discover their inner light. At the moment there is a stage of awakening.

What is possible?

At the moment, have solved the important question of the fate of the Carolina.

What spheres of life will prevail?

Material sphere or the desires of the spirit will win. I can say that from next actions depends the fate of the singer.

In hopes that the singer?

The goddess Makosh ‘ through cuts kind of showed that Carolina hopes for a better future, trying to get away from offense.

Ведьма рассказала, что ждет Ани Лорак в будущем: Ей придется защищать свой дом

Ani Lorak is still struggling with the past

What fears?

Here, Reza said her suspicions, fears, and said that these would be a hindrance to coming to life in the near future, a gift of fate! On balance it is clear that Carolina is a very strong and reliable friends, but the strength of the enemies is almost there. The singer under full protection. In the very near future Ani Lorak waits for fame and success, the achievement of the goal. However, these benefits must be seen as an incentive for the correct and conscious life.

What future awaits the singer?

Six months later, it will face a situation where you need a clear protection of her home, personal boundaries with a sense of dignity.

That the singer will always happen in the shower?

Deep down Ani Lorak’s a very bold personality, loving to show a certain recklessness. And these traits she will not lose ever.

The Council of the Gods for Carolina: first of all, the singer should calm down, to focus on the beauty of life. To be creative, to eliminate laziness and the procrastination of important ideas. And not to repeat those actions that had success in the past. The old pattern of behavior will no longer work.

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