“The world is ruled by love”: Sectarian-Buzova sells satanic t-shirt

Star began to openly promote the occult among fans.

«Миром правит любовь»: Сектантка-Бузова продаёт сатанистские футболки


In the last picture, published in Instagram, Olga Buzova imprinted t-shirt with the inscription “love”. As it turned out, the star is engaged in the sales of this garment under the aegis of their own brand. Observant visitors have noticed on the t-shirt stars gesture of Baphomet – of the astral deities, which in the middle Ages was called the wife of Satan.

Fans have repeatedly accused Buzova in the promotion of Satanism and the occult, but now Olga told herself. T-shirts – a great option to spread their religion, and the printed slogan is ideal in order to attract a cult unsuspecting beginners.

«Миром правит любовь»: Сектантка-Бузова продаёт сатанистские футболки


Baphomet is depicted with the raised index and middle fingers. The same gesture was regularly used Buzova. Now she decided to use it to sell their own “merchandise” and promote their own faith.

Internet users criticized the t-shirt artist. They’re convinced the modern world is ruled not by love, and money. Some suggested that the true version of the slogan that fits the picture: “the world is ruled by Satan.”

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