The world will end tomorrow: the Earth will blow up a deadly asteroid

Конец света наступит уже завтра: Землю разнесет смертоносный астероид

the end of the world

In 2019, humanity may disappear twice. However, not all predictions are pessimistic. Now there are two popular theories of the end of the world this year, one of which is scientific.

Scientists have predicted the end of the world 1 Feb

It became known that the Earth is moving asteroid called “2002-NT7”. Recently astronomers are actively watching him, and argued that the approach of land February 1, may become fatal for us. This time of the asteroid’s orbit is incredibly close to our planet. The level of risk is indicated as high.

Конец света наступит уже завтра: Землю разнесет смертоносный астероид

It should be noted that scientists of many countries have named this asteroid is the most dangerous in the entire history of observations. The most important point in these studies is the size of the cosmic body. This asteroid has a diameter of 2 kilometers.

If an asteroid of this size will fall into the ocean tsunami will be devastating. If he would hit the earth, it will be equal to the explosion of hundreds of nuclear bombs. The whole continent will be destroyed, and the Earth will cover ash cloud, for which the climate will change and there will be global cooling.

Scientists say that the end of the world quite a collision with an asteroid with a diameter of half a kilometer. “2002-NT7” has a diameter of 2 kilometers. The exact trajectory of the orbit is currently unknown, but astronomers say that the asteroid will fly very close.

Конец света наступит уже завтра: Землю разнесет смертоносный астероид

The Mayan predictions for the year 2019

In 2012 because of the Mayan calendar was supposed to come to an end. Experts in the field of history and religion claim that they were wrong. They could be mistaken for 7 years, according to estimates, which means that the world will end in 2019, December 29.

Some claim it to be the second coming of Christ, others believe that the Earth will collide with the planet Nibiru. Proponents of the UFO theory, I think it will be aliens. In any case, humanity will come to an end, but how exactly, no one knows for sure.

Recall that the most dangerous asteroid in the entire history of space observations is approaching the Earth.

As reported by the portal Znayu approaching Nibiru predict a growing number of ufologists. And people still hope that a Higher power can save the Earth from destruction.

The portal also Znayu wrote that Jesus will come to Earth after 6 months in order to get humanity under the protection from extinction and the planet from World war II.

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