The young singer when hope was killed on stage: refused to stand up

Молодую певицу при надежде убили прямо на сцене: отказывалась встать

The young singer shot dead on stage during her performances. First, the 24-year-old woman humiliated, and after brutally and cold-bloodedly killed.

It is known that the incident occurred at the wedding in the town of Larkana, Pakistan. There singer SAMINA Samoun spoke to guests as a guest artist.

A woman sat on a chair and sang. Then one of the guests pointed at the performer a gun and ordered to get up and dance, not sing sitting down. But SAMINA refused to get up.

According to militiamen, the woman was pregnant and was 6 months pregnant.

Молодую певицу при надежде убили прямо на сцене: отказывалась встать

After her refusal infuriated the guests began to shower the performer with money. The girl had to get up.

Then one of the men, who actively demanded that the singer to get up, shot her. He was shot in the head by a rebellious singer. Camino Saman was rushed to the hospital. But to save the singer and failed.

Law enforcement authorities immediately detained the alleged murderer, Please. And her widower demands to sentence the attacker for double murder girls and their unborn child.

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