There was a video from the collapsed bridge near Voronezh

The shooting captured footage from the scene of the collapse of the bridge over the river Zavala in the Ternovsky district of Voronezh region.

Появилось видео с обрушившимся мостом под ВоронежемYou can see the wreckage of beams and mangled cars.

We will remind, incident happened on November 21, about 16 hours. On the bridge simultaneously moving two loaded MAZ and KAMAZ crane. Under them fell the 120 metre span of the bridge, and then the trucks fell into the river. As a result, injured six people. Three with minor injuries under the supervision of doctors in Ternovskaya district hospital, while three others received more serious injuries and they were sent on to a specialized trauma center in Borisoglebsk. The bridge between Ternovka and Brother was in the process of the planned repair – the movement here was carried out on one lane. In the area of emergency experts are currently working on emergency and road services, which assess the situation and damage caused. The Governor of the Voronezh region Alexander Gusev took the situation under his personal control.