This is when will be aired the very last episode of The Big Bang Theory

Voilà quand sera diffusé le tout dernier épisode de The Big Bang Theory

Still two months, and say goodbye to Sheldon !

The countdown has begun for the fans of The Big Bang Theory. The season 12 finale goes through the episodes, week after week, and it remains 7 to be seen before saying goodbye to Sheldon, Leonard and Penny.

The conclusion is even more the focal point, as the american channel CBS has unveiled the release date of the grand final. With this small teaser to announce the event, she reveals that the final chapter of The Big Bang Theory will be to see the Thursday, may 16 in the USA.

Note that there will be a one-time episode (about 40 minutes without ads), that is to say, two episodes in a row (episodes 12×23 and 12×24) and the hearing should be absolutely massive. In France, The Big Bang Theory is to see it on Canal + Series.

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